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Zero Errors

There’s no use in knowing English if it’s filled with gramatical errors. And if you add to it a poor pronunciation, then all efforts will have been for nothing. Our main objective is getting to the Zero Error stage. We want to program your brain so that you correctly answer all of the questions in the game. There’s a variety of interactive exercises which keep you motivated and make learning English a fun activity rather than a chore.

It’s been proven that by repeating the same exercise again and again, even if at first you do it wrong, eventually you’ll be able to get every answer correct effortlessly. In LP Method you’re bombarded with short questions in game form, and with every session you do, your result will continuously improve. Therefore, repetition is the key. Repeat, repeat, repeat until your answers become automatic. Apart form living in an English speaking country, this is the only way to reach the point where you don’t make errors. At last you will have broken through the thought barrier.

Instant Correction

After choosing an answer from the answer choices, the correct answer appears on the screen, green if it’s correct and red if it’s not. If you’re not sure and don’t click, “Time Up” will appear on the screen in orange.

To help you reach the zero error stage, just after having finished a session you will see a list of the questions you got wrong with the errors you made and the correct answer next to them. This will help you memorise the correct answer so that you don’t make the same mistake again.

Method by Dermot McGrath

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