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Learning With LP Method

Our online English course is an invaluable teaching tool, which meets the diverse needs of your students with interest, instilling great confidence in the method as well as in their own possibility of success. Your students will play the game over and over again.

Continuous Support

Much time is wasted teaching grammar, reviewing what was previously taught, employing strategies to capture and maintain your students’ attention, and correcting small mistakes formed by making literal translations into English. LP Method frees up that valuable time so that you can concentrate more on the speaking part of the language, on cultural aspects and on group work.

Our course takes care of teaching and reviewing the grammar, and provides students with enough practice to reach the zero error stage. Our main objective is that they don’t make mistakes when they speak or write. With LP Method they will be on the road to fluency.

Since LP Method consolidates what your students learn in class, it can also be given as a homework assignment so that they may keep on practising.

Supervision and Evaluation

LP Method includes a management tool, which allows teachers to supervise what the students have done, and provides detailed statistics concerning the errors they make, how much they practise and what they lack. It also allows teachers to manage accounts (add, delete and change passwords in case the students forget them).

A Rewarding and Fun Course

Our course keeps your students completely motivated and captivated because our method is 100 % interactive. In other words, there are no “fill- in-the-blank”, “translate the paragraph”, or “complete the phrase” exercises. Rather, there is a variety of multimedia exercises. We recognise that learning English can be a challenge, and the best way to take on that challenge is through interactive motivating exercises.

LP Method is the English course which not only adapts to your needs but is the most cost effective. Become one of the many centres which have taken advantage of LP Method.

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