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English Course Online for Companies

LP Method, our online English course, is the most effective solution for your company as it meets more than the needs of your employees and your company. LP Method is changing the way in which the world learns English.

Our course doesn’t interrupt your employees’ work timetables like other traditional methods do. They will be able to learn on their own at their convenience, in the comfort of their home, walking to work or during their free time. Welcome to the most comfortable English course in the world.

An Interactive Method

A lot of English courses are boring, slow and have a poor participation rate. LP Method is 100% interactive y and is not boring for the students but keeps them captivated and motivated and makes learning English fun and eagerly awaited. Learning English no longer seems like work.

Supervision and Evaluation

LP Method has a management tool which will allow those in HR to follow the progress of employees as well as acquire detailed information about their points and the time spent on each session. It also provides the option of downloading all the statistics in Excel form to analyse the results more in depth if needed.

Topic List

Among other topics the course includes: tourism, commerce, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, writing, conjunctions and spelling.

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LP Method has helped me a lot in learning English well. The great thing about it is that I don’t have to think first. It’s automatic, modern and fun. Read More »