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Word Association

Here at LP Method we go beyond the traditional language learning methods such as filling in the gap, putting words in the correct order, translating phrases, etc. LP Method avoids the need of having to form complete sentences as they form automatically once each component of the sentence is mastered.

LP Method is the first course, which concentrates almost exclusively on this facet of the language. In other words, it takes apart the sentence and analyses it to later rebuild it again. LP Method’s structure allows you to learn step by step, as well as gain self-confidence, enhancing and enriching your English learning success.

Our intention is to put an end, once and for all, to the bad habit of translating (often erroneously) from your mother tongue, (according with, apart of, depend of, etc.) and in its place have you learn to link words together in correct English.

Solving the Puzzle

It is a myth that if someone learns a minimum number of words, they will be able to speak English. It’s like saying that once you have 1000 puzzle pieces there is nothing else left to do. Clearly it is only half the struggle. Now the pieces must be put together to complete the puzzle. Knowing 1000 words is worthless without the support of a solid teaching system.

The LP Method course will teach you to solve the puzzle of English language learning with our fun and interactive exercises.

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LP Method has helped me a lot in learning English well. The great thing about it is that I don’t have to think first. It’s automatic, modern and fun. Read More »