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Teacher Guide

Teacher guide is a complementary option to our online course. The role of a Teacher Guide is to provide the user with constant support to answer any doubts which may arise during the learning process, to assign homework, to motivate, to correct errors on the written English, and to give positive feedback. All of this is accomplished through a series of emails between the online teacher and the student.

How it Works

When registered, each employee will be able to choose a teacher guide based on the mini biographies below. Following that, an email will be sent by the teacher guide to welcome the student to the course. Next, the student will take a level test, and from then on, the teacher guide will follow the student’s progress throughout the duration of the course. An added bonus to this type of online class is that if a user cannot attend a session during an established class time with the teacher guide, he or she can make up the class at a time which is more convenient to him or her.

Asking the Teacher

The teacher will assign the students homework three times a week, as well as give a review of the errors made, grammatical reminders, and of course positive feedback over achievements and objectives met. The user will be able to send the teacher guide questions (in English) about his or her doubts during a prearranged class time and will receive an answer on real time. Any questions made outside class times will be answered during the emails sent during the week. Your employees will not lose their learning rhythm

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